say cheese!

spy was super excited to see the new marcel dzama show at zwirner gallery over the weekend! he couldn't control his smile!

spy and his favorite toy of the moment, tomato!

dog piercings

i always thought that a dog with his ears pierced would be cute. then i thought a lip ring would be more punk. then as i started researching, there was a lot of "animal cruetly" talk. spy's is just a fake.


cdg for h&m

blasphemy or brilliance?


H&M HAS announced its next designer collaborator: Comme des Garcons.

The famously avant-garde Japanese label, spearheaded by design powerhouse Rei Kawakubo, will provide a range of both men's and womenswear, as well as childrenswear, accessories and a new unisex fragrance for the retailer. In honour of its Japanese roots, the collaborative line will launch exclusively at H&M in Tokyo in November before being rolled out worldwide a few days later.

"I have always been interested in the balance between creation and business," says Kawakubo of the collaboration. "It is a dilemma, although for me creation has always been the first priority. It is a fascinating challenge to work with H&M since it is a chance to take the dilemma to its extreme, and try to solve it."

"Rei Kawakubo has been on the top of our wish list for a long time and we are thrilled that she has chosen to collaborate with us," adds H&M creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch. "We have tremendous respect for Kawakubo's fashion philosophy questioning fashion's ingrained patterns and we admire her artistic approach to design. We are particularly excited to launch the collection in Kawakubo’s native country at our launch in Japan."

H&M's designer collaborations are the stuff of modern legend - capsule collections for the brand by Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf and, most recently, Roberto Cavalli have proved instant sell-out successes. (April 3 2008, AM)

paul marlow, sigh

this was featured on dejour.com. paul is one of the geniuses behind loden dager, and my favorite person to eat crepe de saussicon de frankfurt with in paris.

www.lodendager.com if you want to see the brains behind the beauty.


saturday morning errands

riding shotgun in a 1972 volkswagon bus.


hello from la!

i miss you mucho.
from, la



this is one of the best frenchie blogs i have ever seen. i received a 2008 calendar from my friend, brooks, and it is amazing.
he has 4 frenchies, and this is natsuhiko. kawaii!
i hope that he adds us to his links. he is definitely one of mine.

otitis externa and hypoallergenic meats

today, secret spy and i went to a new veterinarian. have an ear infection. the doctor at st. marks veterninary hospital said that frenchies have very small ear canals and therefore infections love nesting in there. we found a drawing of a dog's ear canal

with the help of some ear drops, she hopes that i will feel better in a few days.

additionally, we are trying out some new hypoallergenic meats in our diet. this morning it was raw lamb and tonight is raw venison. we have also been snacking on some elk jerky. let's see how that goes...



monday morning blues

its raining and its cold and somebody woke up grouchy this morning.



here is a portrait that was drawn by she loves me, she loves me not.



im currently playing with a monkey, a flower pot (though all the leaves have been ripped off), a green dragon, a rubber ball, and a tongue. i'm waiting for a new batch of 22 toys including some strawberries, cowboys, octopi, ice cream cones, and more monkeys, of course.

the sleeping monster wakes



carmen miranda, a raccoon wearing a suit, batman, and a party pooper.


rodarte sunglasses

these are limited edition rodarte sunglasses, encrusted wtih swarovski crystals. bling bling.

the bob

jenn's screensaver

hair do's

it started with this...one day jenn and i decided that spy needed some hair. so we borrowed some from her.

then we went to ricky's and tried on some hair do's. we got yelled at for not buying a wig cap.

this one reminds me of scarlett johannson when she is karaoke-ing in tokyo

possibly grey gardens?

do you think of nellie olson in little house on the prairie?